Mary Pope Osborne's
Classroom Adventures Program

Gift of Books Proposal Form

If not Title 1 Eligible, please give a brief description of your school’s low income status and qualifications for donations below.

Please tell us which Magic Tree House books and Fact Trackers are being requested and how many of each are needed for your program to succeed.

Please provide a brief description of how you plan to use these Magic Tree House books and/or Fact Trackers in your classroom.
Your project plan should indicate:

  • How the MTH books will be used in a cross-curriculum manner in the classroom(s). (ie: history, science, math, art, music, etc.).
  • Do you plan to use one or more of the lesson plans provided on this site or will you create your own?
  • Please indicate any and all creative ideas/plans for use of the books within the classrooms.
  • We suggest ending your project with a culminating activity to summarize comprehension (of both reading and cross-curriculum content) in a meaningful and engaging way.

We welcome and invite your feedback about how using the Magic Tree House books and Fact Trackers in your classroom worked for you and your students. Let us know if the books created a buzz about reading that did not exist prior to the program and any other information that would assist us in making this a successful adventure for your classroom!

Please send any follow-up information or questions to

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